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Jason K. Addae R.T.(R)(CT)(MR) Trumpeter/Artist/Athlete/Philosopher/Programmer/DJ                                               J-Team Inc.

I am an artist. A martial, musical, literary, and traditional one. I do it all. I would love to be heard and seen worldwide someday in the near future, and I'll do whatever it takes to get there! If you listen to my message and my vision, I'm sure you can see that I have a unique and progressive style! Help bring this to a bedarkened world so that their appendages may be removed and enlightnenment engulf them...
Jokatech also know as Joka The Technician, born Jason K. Addae. He was born in White Plains, Ny to an English mother and Ghanian Father. The Black Asian moniker is an omage to his Mongolian lineage. He grew up in Mount Vernon and the Bronx. As a kid, he was into everything from sports to writing to video games. He wrestled in High School and was on the weight team. Yet, he is also an avid poet and chess player. Music and art always have had a deep place in his life. He has been a participant in The National  Poetry contest and has received editors choice awards, nominations, and  third prize in January 2008. He studied jazz under renowned saxophonist - Steve Carrington. He also continued his musical studies at Berklee Music School under Prof. Ed Tomasi. Produced and performed 4 albums over 4 years starting in 2006 with album titled "Pariah". Following "Pariah", he released "A Social Butterfly's Acid Jazz Obsession","Stabbing Low Rushing High", and then "S.T.Y.L.E - So Tell Your Lover Envy. He completed a comic series in 2006 entitled "Gachu's Ninja Quest" (soon to be released online). He played 2 seasons of semi-pro football with The BNEFF league and NEFA league. He trained as  a boxer for 2 years under welterweight Andre Tsurkan, and in Wing Tsun Kung Fu for 7 years as well as at City Wing Tsun in NYC. He went on to continue his Martial arts studies at Lion's Roar Muay Thai Camp studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Master Negron, and studied TKD for 3 years under a master.
I will post artwork and comic art from my series on this page over time. Look in the photo gallery.
I will post music information on this page. However to access and/or purchase my music tracks, refer to the links below. I will blog about music as well as sports, games, etc.  MUSIC CLASSES- PLEASE CHECK PODCAST,DOCUMENTS, AND VIDEOS
Jokatech, A Name I Made(poetry collection/bio)
I Don't Believe in Rome (musical)
Lost Prodigy (poetry collection)
Easil(2013)(poetry collection)
Magnum Opus:Reminiscer (2014)
Magnum Opus: Coming of Age (2016)
It's Good (2017) 
Food With Friends (2017) (poetry collection)
On That Note(2018) (poetry collection)
Lovely Prisoner (2020) 
Laws Within (2021) 
This Man is An Island (poetry collection 2022)
The Truth About J. Addae- autobiography (TBA) 
Pariah (2006)
A Social Butterfly's Acid Jazz Obsession (2007)
Stabbing Low Rushing High (2008)
S.T.Y.L.E.- So Tell Your Lover Envy (2009)
Pale Ape (2009) 
The Turning Point (2010)
The Turning Point vol. 2: Afrikasian Son (2010)
I Don't Believe in Rome (2011)
New Music, Eternal Love (2011)
If (2012)
The Ink in Me (2013)
Those Silent- book one(2014)- I'm also a budding computer programmer. My first projects are on this album.
Magnum Opus: Res Ipsa Loquitur (August 2014)- Limited supply. Contact me for purchase.
Magnum Opus: Coming of Age (2015)
Standing Still Symphony (2016)
Standing Still Symphony X (2016) 
How A Super Hero Feels (2016) 
Religion (2017) 
Standing on the Corner:The Unborn Soundscapes (2018)
Love Fist (fall of 2018) 
Inner Places- EP (2019) 
 Native Son (2019)
Saiaz (2020)
The People vs. J. Addae: The Trial of Jokatech (2020) 
The People vs. J. Addae: Laws Within (2021) 
The People vs. J. Addae: This Man is an Island (2022)
The People vs. J. Addae: New York Times (2022)
The People vs. J. Addae: Never(2023) 
Reviews: http://www.musicemissions.com/artists/albums/index.php?album_id=18040 
"Marvelous" (movie)(2012)
The Jokatech Show(series)
The Beast(series)
Jokatech Podcast (youtube) 
Main Blog Page- http://www.j-teaminc.blogspot.com 
 http://www.youtube.com/jokatech - Or subscribe to Jokatech through search- FACEBOOK- Jason K. Addae
Here it is! My CDBaby link for my avant garde jazz Album- The Turning Point- http://www.cdbaby.com/jkaddae
Here is the link for the album- "Those Silent" - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/jasonkaddae12
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